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“Not being someone who diets I’m constantly frustrated that there isn’t an app more geared towards making sure you are eating the right things throughout the week to ensure you are getting a good balance of vitamins”

– Lisa at Crowdfunder by email.

“Tried eating real nutritious food for micronutrients such as steak, egg and steamed vegetables for a week: regained appetite, relieved of inflammation symptoms such as swollen foot. Breathing better. Waking up feeling hungry and eating normally again.”

Russell Markham via email

“That’s brilliant – thank you. I often search for this info in bits and pieces so it’s great to have it all in one place in this straightforward and informative way for the benefit of all.

Robin Markland – reply to Hearth prototype Appsheet via Facebook

Email me to receive a free wall chart, which provides all the micronutrients we need to be healthy, foods and other sources and RDAs for supplements to fill the gaps.

This data forms the basis of my micronutrient app, which makes it quick and easy to access information about essential daily nutrition, with tools to use and organise that data for your own food journey.

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