Humans require micronutrients, amino acids, Omega 3 fatty acids and anti-oxidants.

Hearth Nutrition is for everyone and anyone. It aims to be inclusive and user-friendly, as a guide to creating nutritious meals for optimal health.

This website provides a guide to the forthcoming app, which provides a food library showing the micronutrients in real foodstuffs available, firstly, in the UK. Foods can be searched and added to a shopping list, a food palette or meal planner and will be stored in a calendar. 

This provides the means to create your own nutritious meals from a variety of foods, for taste, satisfaction and nutrition. By using the app, it is also possible to feed a family economically, increase enjoyment of meals and reduce waste. 

The idea is that by eating a plate containing a variety of different food types and tastes you will be satisfied by giving the body the nutrition it wants. Taking micronutrients in your chosen diet will regulate the micronutrients to your own body’s needs better than supplements or enriched or fortified foods ever will. However, the app can show you which micronutrients you do not access through food to supplement the recommended daily dose. 

Food is losing its natural nutrition due to over-farming, pesticides and fertilisers. This could cause food intolerance, allergies and deficiencies. Most of our response to food is part current lifestyle, part genetic, which means every person is unique. 

We all know ourselves best, are there after each meal we have eaten and most people have added pieces to a jigsaw puzzle of what we know about nutrition. For everyone, there can be the joy of finding the missing pieces of information to go on a voyage of discovery to create our own nutritious meals. 

Unfortunately, food gets treated more like religion than science, with plenty of people wanting to share their opinion and impose their strongly held beliefs onto others. Hearth Nutrition aims to give you respite from that to find all your own answers. 

Come with me on a voyage of discovery about natural health from good nutrition for you. 

To be ahead of the crowd, please do get in touch for access to the app before it is launched.

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