Humans require micronutrients, which we can get from foods, which also give us amino acids, Omega 3 fatty acids (EPA, DHA and ALA) and anti-oxidants.

Hearth Nutrition App aims to be inclusive and user-friendly, as a guide to creating nutritious meals for optimal health.

In the UK, as a result of industrialised farming and profit-driven mass productions, we have lost many nutrients, which we used to find in our food.

This depletion of natural nutrients has had consequences on our health.

We all know ourselves best and are on our own chosen food journeys. Hearth Nutrition app shows how we can eat what we like and make up nutrients missing in our diets with supplements.

On the plus side, there is a wide range of foods available in the UK, with global trade and transportation.

On down side, many of us are eating foods, which our grandparents were not eating as they were neither in season, grown in the UK or even available a century ago. That is very recent in human evolution terms and it means our bodies might not digest and use these foods correctly and we will struggle to get all the nutrients we need to be healthy.

The UK has only been continuously populated since the end of the Ice Age, the days of Cheddar Man, 11,000 BCE. That too is recent history for human beings.

Although Stone Age settlers in the UK found a lush land of forests, streams, hills and valleys, the newcomers had to get used to the weak sunlight and colder climate compared to what they were used to further south.

Therefore it is likely that the earliest settlers in what is now England would follow the sun and migrate south in the winter and travel north in the summer to make best use of the food, sun and other resources available all year round.

After the area known as Doggerland between East England, Scandinavia and Mainland Europe was submerged below rising sea levels in the millenia following the Ice Age, people wanting to migrate south would now have to do it by boat.

There are now descendents of those earliest settlers with people who settled in the north with fair skin and those with more recent Mediterranean ancestry.

The United KIngdom has been a melting pot of ethnic origins since the beginning but it is only today when we are recognising how this influences what we eat, how we live, where we go and what we do to stay healthy.

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