Me in January 2022 on Gyllyngvase Beach, Falmouth

Hi, I’m Sophie, 51 and I live in Falmouth. I enjoy swimming in the sea, walking, conversation, theatre, comedy, participation and sunshine.

I am working on building an app company, which produces simple, cost effective apps to improve quality of life.

I am a journalist, who enjoys gathering objective data for articles, blogs and apps that people can use and organise data in the app to get the best from life.

The first app I am creating is all about the micronutrients humans need for optimal health. Hearth Nutrition App aims to be inclusive and user-friendly, as a guide to creating nutritious meals for optimal health.

Currently, apps fall into two categories: 1. weight loss apps, which don’t mention micronutrients, ask users their weight, height, age and gender, are based on huge databases of foods and are focused on counting calories and restriction.

2. Apps about nutrition, which are also based on large databases of foods.

We all know ourselves best and are on our own chosen food journeys. Hearth Nutrition app shows how we can eat what we like and make up nutrients missing in our diets with supplements.

As we are all genetically unique, which depends on where our ancestors lived, what they ate, where we live now, what foods are available at what time of year, allergies and food intolerances, this means we can eat whatever we like if we know why we’re eating it.

Meanwhile, many of us are eating foods, which our grandparents were not eating as they were neither in season, grown in the UK or even available a century ago. This is very recent in human evolution terms and it means our bodies might not digest and use these foods correctly and we will struggle to get all the nutrients we need to be healthy.

Hearth Nutrition is the beginning of an app publishing company, which will produce cost-effective, simple apps which intend to improve quality of life.

With a team of supporters, I am working on information and organisation app ideas for nutrition, social connection, self-acceptance training, mental health, feedback and digital UX.

I am looking for an app developer, preferably with some business experience, who wants to work with an innovative journalist from a magazine publishing background, who enjoys making websites and is passionate about UX.

For a free wall chart about micronutrients, foods and supplement RDAs, please email me.

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