About Hearth Nutrition

Welcome to Hearth Nutrition

Here is the MVP to test the functioning app.

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After sign up the user can take a quick tour of the app’s 4 main pages. Alternatively, they can skip this and start using the app’s food library to find out about nutritious foods to add to their shopping list or, if they already have it, their food palette. 

The food library contains a library of single-ingredient foods, currently widely available in the United Kingdom shown with the micronutrients our bodies cannot make, which we need to access through our diet, ideally. 


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The food library can be searched by micronutrient, showing all foods that deliver that vitamin or mineral. Each food card shows all the micronutrients accessed through that food. The detail (shown right) gives more information and lets users add it to their shopping list or food palette to plan a meal. 

Users can search for foods with the search tool, top right. 

The menu icon allows users to plan meals straight from the food library. The menu sorts foods listed for each micronutrient by function, ie ‘whole proteins’ are those foods, which contain all 9 amino acids. Omega 3 fatty acids shows foods providing this crucial component. ‘Protein’ shows foods, such as hummus and pitta, beans on toast or vegetable chilli and rice, which provide combined provide complete plant protein with all amino acids. Fibre covers fruit, grains, pulses, beans and vegetables, which are slow-release carbohydrates and these provide various healthy functions as the body releases what it needs from these foods. These contain some protein. 

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These are the pages, which users can move foods to or through, to end up in the calendar. The free version of the basic app will provide a 7 day review of foods eaten and micronutrients accessed through diet. 

This will give people the opportunity to see what micronutrients they are missing, to then see the recommended daily amount (RDA) to take as a dietary supplement. 

Additonal features to be added later. 

A guide to how body uses micronutrients. 

A meal planner to create own meals for family, friends and parties with ingredients to shop. 

A gallery of meals created by users and a forum to swap ideas, recipes and interact. 


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