What is Hearth Nutrition?

Hearth Nutrition works for any budget, any diet, any effort, any place and any shop. The aim is to get essential daily nutrition through your chosen diet. 

Many food cultures feature variety, which makes food even more tasty, satisfying and nutritious.

By providing facts about human nutrition, which means the ingredients we need in ‘human fuel’, anyone can choose the foods they like, that are available and affordable. 

Hearth Nutrition provides the whole picture of human nutrition. This includes: the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, omega 3 fatty acids and anti-oxidants we need for optimal health.

Hearth Nutrition provides information so you can find all your own answers. Responses so far include:

Now I know what foods to buy I can save a fortune on dietary supplements.

I wanted to go vegan so now I know how to get what I need from foods I eat.

The right foods will help me recover

It seems that caterers and chefs are getting in on this as well. When you eat out in a restaurant, you don’t want to be faced with foods you want to avoid. 

Many restaurants fill up their patrons with bread and chips, instead of satisfying them with nutritious food. 

By creating your own meals through staple nutritious foods and adding a range of natural flavours from a variety of real, unadulterated foods, you can easily get most your essential daily nutrition through your diet. 

Many people have deficiencies or even allergies. In the UK, we do not get enough sunlight to make vitamin D during the winter so we can eat more foods, which provide vitamin D and take a 10mcg supplement each day. 

It all started here, where I wrote down all the micronutrients we need to access in our diet, with the foods they come from and the recommended daily amount for dietary supplements. 


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