Making the Most of The Micronutrient Path by Hearth

Hi there, you may have heard about my app about the vitamins and minerals we all need to be healthy, which provides information on the foods we get them from and supplement RDAs to fill the gaps? If you’re using my pilot, please could you fill in this survey if you have a moment: MyContinue reading “Making the Most of The Micronutrient Path by Hearth”

Ancestral Eating – Food For Thought

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Paleo, Keto, Hay and Fit For Life diets? Allen “Easyway” Carr wrote about eating like our ancestors in a book called The Easyweight to Lose Weight and others about food. These are essentially based on what our ancestors ate, alongside the blood group diet and other ideas along similarContinue reading “Ancestral Eating – Food For Thought”